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Whether you sell physical products via eCommerce, digital products as an educator, or B2B services as an agency or service provider - email marketing is the most effective way to generate follow-up sales outside of a paid team of closers. These 3 problems are regularly responsible for $1000's of lost revenue when I start working with a new client:
  • Failed Entries: Quite simply, not getting enough (or any!) subscribers coming into your list of subscribers every single day, week, and month. Failure to secure subscribers, means a failure to get leads your business can monetize later.
  • Failed Opens: Whether it's a subject line that lacks impact, or you landed in the promotional/spam folders - not getting your emails opened is a severe problem for most marketers.
  • Failed Clicks: Often hair-pullingly frustrating, a low click-through-rate means your hard-earned leads aren't visiting your offer. This series will show you the #1 way to increase clicks 2-3x on your very next campaign.
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JayKay Dowdall has built multiple 6-figure businesses exclusively through effective email marketing. He has successfully leveraged this knowledge to grow B2B agencies, launch his own products, and become a top affiliate for multiple offers.
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